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Domani Consulting thrives in a culture where equality and inclusion are achievable for all, driving growth and creating value for our employees. Our company has made it a priority to develop a diverse workforce that reflects not only our customers, but also the communities where we reside and operate. We recognize that diverse representation enables us to drive an innovative, open, and productive culture, both inside our team and beyond.

Domani Consulting sets principles and precedents to empower our workforce, regardless of age, ethnicity and background. We celebrate differences and similarities, and every person has equal opportunity to contribute and advance their careers. This enables our team to deliver unique ideas, experiences, and skills that are required to fulfill our individual and company purpose.

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Business Ethics & Integrity

As a leader in the building compliance industry, Domani Consulting requires a strong foundation of business ethics and integrity. Since inception, we have instilled the highest ethical standards to guide and strengthen how our colleagues work with each other and the clients we serve. We are committed to doing what is right in every situation. This includes adhering to the laws and regulations that govern our business, following all company rules, and demonstrating our shared values every day.

Domani Consulting prioritizes our Code of Conduct (“Code”). The Code provides the information, tools and resources necessary to make good decisions. These resources are available to our employees and include employee trainings, a specialized legal department, internal audits, and a third-party Integrity Officer. We require and encourage our employees to leverage th­­­e suite of resources readily available to ensure our individual and team actions not only support our business but deepen the trust our clients have in us.


In addition to our core compliance services, we also offer a range of consulting and advisory services to help property owners and developers maximize their investments. From financial analysis and project planning to site selection and due diligence, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.

Partner with Domani Consulting today and experience the difference that our comprehensive compliance and consulting services can make for your property development projects.

Preparation and filing of documents required for NBs, Alt 1, Alt 2 and Alt 3s for DOB filing process

Permits (DOB, DOT)

Project management and coordination with all government agencies

Violation review & resolvement (ECB, DOB, FDNY)

Directive 14 Self Certification

Handle ‘specialty filings’ such as plumbing, sprinkler, boiler and Fire Department for licensed contractors

Specialize in ancillary agency work such as DEP Sewer Connection & TAP letters; DOT logistics, OCMC and permits; landmarks Certificate of No Effect; Certificate of Appropriateness; Fire Department, Fire Alarm & Fire Safety Plan Approval

C of O & TCO process - coordinate sign offs and inspections for TCO as well as bringing TCO to the impossible C of O

Any temporary construction plans

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We work collaboratively to ensure that your project is successful from start to finish. Let us help you make your next project a success.

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